Why Staycation UK – Why Stayuk123.co.uk ?

Why Staycation UK – Why Stayuk123.co.uk ? Well here are just a few fantastic reasons to book your next holiday in the UK

  • No Passports Air Traffic Control Strikes Baggage Charges Planes and extortionate parking charges – airport survival guide not required !

  • No Health Scares Vaccinations Passports Hire Cars Currency and enforced early starts – flexibility and peace of mind !

  • Clean Pollution Free Beaches – the UK Boasts most of Europe’s finest Beaches – no daily charges – no need to reserve your deckchair and you can bring your own !

  • The average cost for a UK family of four taking a two-week break abroad is over £4700, we Great Brits spend a staggering £45 + Billion per year on trips abroad, that’s 4 times the amount the UK used to pay into the EU, and 5 times the estimated future annual cost of Brexit to the UK ! Stayuk123.co.uk has complete family holidays from less than £50 per week per person (Holiday Cottage sleeps 6 from £275 per week) it’s a lot safer and your pets can come too !

  • Trips to see the Northern Lights – Alaska for just £80 per person per night – or the UK for less than £8 per person per night ? Yes you can regularly see the Northern Lights in North Scotland – no passports ferries or flights required !

  • Accommodation for Ski and Fishing Holidays in the UK – 5 star Mountain Lodge accommodation from just £80 per person per week – bring your own equipment and tackle no extra Charges !

  • All home comforts and Luxury – UK Holiday Accommodation Hot Tubs Spas Saunas Healthy Activities and your favourite choice of food and drink whenever you want – whatever you want whenever you want !

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